Non-Invasive Remote Patient Monitoring of the JVP for Heart Failure

We're building the world’s first non-invasive remote patient monitoring device to assess the Jugular Venous Pressure (JVP) for heart failure. 

Join us and keep heart failure patients out of hospital and safe at home.
Heart failure patients experience terrifying symptoms while at home resulting in hospital re-admissions that can be prevented with effective remote monitoring. Evaluation of the JVP for heart failure patients is the standard of care for monitoring volume status in clinics and hospitals. Now we need to extend the ability to assess the JVP into the home in order to keep patients feeling well and out of hospital.

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See Through Skin and Light Up the JVP! 

It will blow your mind!
The team has the IP, expertise and are working hard to bring their cutting-edge device to market…in a hurry! We need it now more than ever. Our next iteration of the device will enable clinicians to ‘see through skin.

Today…Not Tomorrow

The world needs this device now.
With the prevalence of CHF reaching epidemic proportions throughout the world and healthcare systems increasingly struggling to keep up, now is the time to accelerate technology that can ease this pain. 

26 Million People
Suffer from Congestive Heart Failure Globally

We want to ensure they never feel alone at home again.
* This device is not yet available for sale *
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